MASSim 2017: Major changes

Here, we summarize some major changes compared to the 2016 edition.

massim server

  • it’s almost a complete rewrite
    • (please accept and report any new bugs)
  • new/adapted message formats
    • especially action
      • parameters are now given in a list
  • added command line
    • e.g. you can pause server execution between steps


  • message formats have been extracted to protocol module
  • this might be useful for other Java systems


  • matches with more than 2 teams simultaneously are now possible
  • no cost any more for: charging, dumps, storage
  • added new job type: missions
  • added new facility: resource node
    • added gather action
  • added limit for simultaneously active jobs posted by the same team
  • adapted proximity and cellsize
    • locations are now trimmed to a number of decimals according to the proximity
    • cellSize now gives a “real” distance in meters
  • at most 1 tool of each type now required for assembly
  • generated jobs now always require assembled items
  • assembled items can no longer be bought in shops
  • removed the possibility to post auction jobs
  • changed a few minor things here and there (please consult the documentation)
  • finally wrote a background story


  • new webmonitor replaces legacy Java RMI monitor


  • upgraded dependency to EIS 0.5.0
  • percepts might have new names/parameters
  • percepts have been adapted to the new circumstances


  • dropped support for older scenarios (use legacy packages instead)
  • JSON config for massim, eismassim, javaagents
  • removed shell scripts - everything can now be run directly through the jar files (configuration selection has been moved to the Java code)