The 2016 Contest


The results of the contest will be published in the International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering.

  • preliminary preface
  • each paper is cross-reviewed and eventually accepted (minus big problems)
  • please aim for 20 pages (more is OK)
  • each paper must contain a part with answers to certain questions from us
    • the questionary can be downloaded here: ZIP
    • the answers should be kept rather short
    • you can refer to your main text, if you want to go more into detail
    • you should stick to the structure of the questionary (i.e. one section in total, one subsection for each block of questions)
  • deadline for the papers is 31.10.2016
  • you can find templates for IJAOSE papers here


Placement Team Total Score Sources
1  PUCRS 33  PUCRS.tar.gz
2  Flisvos-2016 30
3  lampe 12
4  Python-DTU
5  BathTUB
Match Sim1 Sim2 Sim3 Score Replay xmls
 BathTUB vs. Python-DTU  -640,533:49,725 -111,406:39,123 50,000:38,919  2:4  ZIP
 BathTUB vs. PUCRS  -1039:851268  50000:102345 36921:227144 0:9 ZIP
 lampe vs. PUCRS  63776:73549  55518:159922 50000:61728 0:9 ZIP
 Flisvos-2016 vs. lampe 485,984:-3,022  117,353:54,555  288,760:47422 9:0 ZIP
 Flisvos-2016 vs. Python-DTU  2,610,354:36,764  1,156,322:48,404 138,718:43,968 9:0 ZIP
 BathTUB vs. Flisvos-2016  184763:657500  -508096:977580 37258:164839 0:9 ZIP
 Flisvos-2016 vs. PUCRS  109387:86775  140856:150358 350240:761920 3:6 ZIP
 PUCRS vs. Python-DTU  136401:42882  3517745:47897 374010:47671 9:0 ZIP
 lampe vs. Python-DTU  38280:40863  172963:47410 321791:49088 6:2 ZIP
 BathTUB vs. lampe  64875:50710  38638:85114 173379:383046 3:6 ZIP


Some teams decided to play some friendly matches a few days after the competition. The agents used were slightly “improved” or contained less (or more) bugs compared to their contest versions. See the results listed below.

Match Sim1 Sim2 Sim3 Score Replay xmls
Flisvos-2016 vs. lampe 211034:153846 908215:159359 706169:155656 9:0 ZIP
Flisvos-2016 vs. PUCRS 113929:-478368 211163:57888 4101143:1091542 9:0 ZIP
lampe vs. PUCRS 487318:757660 294795:455684 145333:180023 0:9 ZIP

Matchup Schedule

Finally, the schedule is fixed. The contest will take place on 2 consecutive days: September 12th and 13th.

  • Each day is divided into 3 slots and we play on 2 servers simultaneously.
  • A slot ends once its matches on both servers have finished so that no team has to play 2 matches in parallel.
  • Each team plays 2 matches a day.
  • All times are Berlin time (CEST/UTC+2).
  • Servers will be started around 12:45 on each day, so you have enough time to connect your agents.
  • The servers will be started in “manual-mode” (i.e. “tournamentmode=2”), that is, all agents can connect at any time to the simulation server.
  • Matches can take up to ~3 hours in the worst case, however, qualification matches indicate somwhere around 1-2 hours per match.
  • The earliest times are guaranteed. If a match ends even sooner, we will not continue with the following match until the given time.
  • Please check back right before the contest to see if times might have changed.
  • If there is an unforeseen technical issue on our side, we will reschedule the affected matches.
Slot Matches Day 1   Earliest time Latest time
  agentcontest1 agentcontest2    
1 BathTUB vs.
Flisvos 2016 vs.
13:00 13:00
2 BathTUB vs.
Flisvos 2016 vs.
14:00 16:00
3 lampe vs.
none 15:00 19:00
Slot Matches Day 2   Earliest time Latest time
  agentcontest1 agentcontest2    
1 BathTUB vs.
Flisvos 2016
lampe vs.
13:00 13:00
2 Flisvos 2016 vs.
BathTUB vs.
14:00 16:00
3 PUCRS vs.
none 15:00 19:00


Sim Map Download Coordinates
London  OSM.PBF minLon=”-0.1978”
Hannover  OSM.PBF minLon=”9.68”
San Francisco  OSM.PBF minLon=”-122.495”

All maps are © OpenStreetMap contributors (terms).

Qualification details

  1. Parameters:
    • Sim: 200 steps (=> max. 14 minutes)
    • Map: standard London
    • Goal: <20% timeouts (“noAction”)
    • Start: Thu, 1st of September 2016, 14:00 (CEST)
    • Chat: #agentcontest2016
  2. Results:
Match Team Timeouts
1 Flisvos-2016 0
2 BathTUB 0
3 lampe 0
4 Python-DTU 0
5 LTI-USP withdrawn


Team Affiliation Members   Language/
BathTUB Technische
Christian Brandt
Marc Schmidt
Holger Schuh
Julian Böhm
Robin Schmied
Oguz Serbetci
Axel Heßler
Flisvos 2016   Evangelos I. Sarmas Python PDF
lampe Technische
Philipp Czerner
Jonathan Pieper
LTI-USP University
of São Paulo
Arthur Casals
Igor Conrado Alves de Lima
Jaime Simão Sichman
Luís Gustavo Ludescher
PUCRS Pontifícia
do Rio Grande
do Sul (Brazil)
Rafael Cauê Cardoso
Ramon Fraga Pereira
Maurício Cecilio Magnaguagno
Artur Freitas
Túlio Basegio
Alison Roberto Panisson
Guilherme Azevedo
Guilherme Krzisch
Tabajara Krausburg
Anibal Sólon Heinsfeld
Felipe Rech Meneguzzi
Python-DTU Technical
of Denmark
Jørgen Villadsen
Andreas Halkjær From
Salvador Jacobi
Nikolaj Nøkkentved Larsen
Python PDF

Important dates

Contest Schedule 2016
Final package release:
Testing: Until
Registration: - (extended)
Connection tests: - (on demand)
Qualification: &
Contest: -


The Scenario

Our scenario consists of two teams of agents moving through the streets of a realistic city. The goal for each team is to earn as much money as possible. Read the full description.

Starting the Software

  • Unzip the file.
  • documents/readmefirst.pdf is a good starting point (optional).
  • You’re running on Windows? Just go to and install msys. Note that you don’t need mingw, just the msys part.
  • Go to the massim/scripts directory: cd massim/scripts
  • Start the server: ./
  • In another shell, start the monitor: ./
  • In yet another shell, go to the javaagents/scripts directory: cd javaagents/scripts
  • Start some agents: ./
  • Press ENTER on the server shell.

Problems? Just write to the mailing list. No problems? Register yourself to the mailing list anyway and write us a short hello message.

Mailing List for 2015/2016

Participants and all interested colleagues are invited to subscribe to the agentcontest2015 [at] mailing list.

All the important details and announcements including scenario and communication protocol specifications as well as software release announcements and bug reports will be announced and discussed via this list.

To subscribe, send an empty e-mail to with the subject subscribe.

The confirmation request and welcome message will be sent to you shortly afterwards. Please follow the instructions in the automatic mailing list replies and do not delete the confirmation mail, you most likely want to use the confirmation id later.

The archive is semi-public. That means, it is accessible to list subscribers. The link is as follows:

In order to login, you need to provide your e-mail address with which you are subscribed to the list and the confirmation ID. You get the confirmation ID in the confirmation e-mail right after you subscribed. In the case you do not have that e-mail any more, simply send an arbitrary e-mail to

In return the system will send you your confirmation ID which you can use to login.

Participation Requirements

The participation in this contest consists of these parts:

  1. Declaring the intent to participate by registering to the mailing list.
  2. Submission of a short team description. Thus registering to the contest officially.
  3. Participation in the contest tournament by taking part in the final online tournament.
  4. Submitting the source-code of your application right after the tournament.
  5. Submitting a short paper describing different aspects regarding your participation in the contest (content tentative).


The winner of the contest will be awarded with a voucher for 500 EUR worth in books, thankfully provided by Springer Verlag. Requirements are the submission of a paper and the source codes of the agents.