Multi-Agent Programming Contest

Steering Committee


Former members

Steering Committee Charter

Long term aim

The Multi-Agent Programming Contest (AgentContest) strives to stimulate research in the area of multi-agent system development and programming by

  1. identifying key problems in the field and
  2. collecting suitable benchmarks that can serve as milestones for testing multi-agent programming languages, platforms and tools.

Through a constant AgentContest evolution based on the past organization experience, the AgentContest organizing bodies aim to contribute to the exploration and thus advance the understanding of this research field.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee’s main task is to collect and maintain the know how of the AgentContest organization. It overlooks the AgentContest edition organization and advises the organizing committee in order to ensure persistent striving for the long-term aims.

Tasks and competences

In particular, the steering committee:

  1. regularly appoints an Organizing Committee for the upcoming edition of the AgentContest;
  2. advises the Organizing Committee in issues of AgentContest scenario design and provides guidance regarding the administrative and organisational issues of the AgentContest organization;
  3. overlooks the organisation and if needed, it has a right to step into it in order to resolve critical issues of technical, planning and social nature which might arise. This will be done in a sensitive manner and only in a minimal required extent;
  4. helps the Oroganizing Committee to liase with finding a workshop or conference with which the AgentContest can be asociated;
  5. collects and maintains the know-how about operational issues regarding organization of AgentContest. If needed, the Steering Committee can ask the Organizing Committee to prepare and submit an informal report summarizing the experience with organization of the corresponding AgentContest edition;
  6. owns, manages and maintains the Internet domain name for the AgentContest WWW presentation.


The Steering Committee consists of senior community members who participated in the AgentContest organization in the past. Any changes of the membership underlie a 2/3 majority vote of the current Steering Committee members.

Voting and decision making

As a rule, the Steering Committee should strive for unanimous decision making. If this is not possible, except for the membership issues (as regulated above), the general rule is the simple majority vote.

Organization Committee

The Organization Committee takes care for the operational aspects of the AgentContest organization. It is appointed by the Steering Committee for the purpose of organizing the single upcoming edition of the AgentContest, possibly associated with another workshop or conference.

Tasks and competences

In particular, the Organizing Committee:

  1. formulates and implements the detailed AgentContest edition scenario in a manner respecting the overall aims of the AgentContest;
  2. formulates the organization schedule and takes care of the overall submission and publication process, as well as all the announcements relevant to the AgentContest edition;
  3. optionally, in cooperation with the Steering Committee it issues and delivers a prize to the AgentContest edition winners;
  4. after the end of the AgentContest edition prepares and publishes a public report of the Contest which should be reviewed and archived by the Steering Committee;
  5. if requested by the Steering Committee, the Organization Committee prepares a written report regarding the experience with organizing the actual AgentContest edition;
  6. technically secures the WWW presentation of the Contest edition on the AgentContest WWW home page.

Appointing the Organization Committee

The Steering Committee appoints the Organization Committee in a timely fashion, in order to enable proper AgentContest edition organization. As of a rule, the Organization Committee should consists of at least one member of the Steering Committee and one or more chosen members of the research community. The joint member of the Organization and the Steering Committee should act as the senior/team leader of the organizing team.