The 2018 Contest

Important dates

Contest Schedule 2018
Release of first software package: Can now be downloaded from GitHub
Registration Deadline: (complete)
Connection testing: On demand (2018)
Qualification: (complete)
Contest: -

The Scenario: Agents in the City

Agents in the City

Our scenario consists of two teams of agents moving through the streets of a realistic city. Agents can earn money by completing tasks and build wells to fight a water crisis. Full specification.

This builds on the previous edition. You can watch replays from last year here. (CFP)



The tournament will take place September 24th and 25th. All times are GMT+2.

Time Monday   Tuesday  
  ac1 ac2 ac1 ac2
10:00 - 12:00     Jason‑DTU  
12:00 - 14:00 Akuanduba‑UDESC   Akuanduba‑UDESC  
  Jason‑DTU   TUBDAI  
14:00 - 16:00 SMART_JaCaMo Dumping to Gather TUBDAI  
  Jason‑DTU Akuanduba‑UDESC Dumping to Gather  
16:00 - 18:00 SMART_JaCaMo Dumping to Gather SMART_JaCaMo  
  Akuanduba‑UDESC Jason‑DTU TUBDAI  
18:00 - 20:00 SMART_JaCaMo      
  Dumping to Gather      


These maps will be played in the contest. The sample configurations contain the respective lat/lng values.

Nr. Map Sample Configuration
1 Copenhagen conf.json
2 Berlin conf.json
3 São Paulo conf.json

All maps are © OpenStreetMap contributors (terms).


  • Six teams have registered for MAPC 2018!
  • [DONE] To register, download the registration form and/or template and follow the instructions inside.
Team Affiliation Members   Language/
Dumping to Gather TU Berlin Christopher-Eyk Hrabia,
Josephine Alice Krause,
Marc Schmidt,
Andrea Marie Weintraud
ROS Hybrid Behavior Planner
Jason-DTU Technical University
of Denmark
Jørgen Villadsen,
Mads Okholm Bjørn,
Andreas Halkjær From,
Thomas Søren Henney,
John Bruntse Larsen
Jason + CArtAgO
TUBDAI TU Berlin Michael Franz Ettlinger,
Christopher-Eyk Hrabia
ROS Hybrid Behavior Planner
Akuanduba-UDESC Santa Catarina
State University
Giovanni Jakubiak de Albuquerque,
Tiago Funk,
Vilson de Deus Corrêa Júnior,
Tiago Luiz Schmitz
SMART_JaCaMo 1Pontifícia
do Rio Grande
do Sul (PUCRS), 2University of
de Santa
Tabajara Krausburg1,
Rafael C. Cardoso2,
Débora Engelmann1,
Vitor Peres1,
Giovani P. Farias1,
Juliana Damasio1,
Vágner Gabriel1,
Jomi F. Hübner3,
Rafael H. Bordini1
 [withdrawn] FIT BUT Brno University of Technology Vaclav Uhlir,
Peter Hamran


The server

Unpack the software package and start the contest server for development and testing. In a shell:

cd server
java -jar server-2018-1.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
  --monitor 8000  # with webmonitor on port 8000

Detailed documentation.

Your client

The package contains some dummy agents. You can use these as a starting point:

There have also always been teams that implemented the communication protocol themselves.


The winner of this year’s contest will be awarded a voucher for 500 EUR worth in books, thankfully provided by Springer Verlag. Requirements are the submission of a team description paper and the source code of the agents.

Mailing List

Participants and all intrested colleagues are invited to subscribe to our mailing list:

All the important details and announcements including scenario and communication protocol specifications as well as software release announcements and bug reports will be shared on this list.

The mailing list archive is publically available.


There have been some changes since the 2017 version. Most notably money is no longer the primary goal. Instead you build wells to generate points.


After the tournament we invite every participant to submit a paper about their team. Once the quality of the papers has been assured they will be regularly published. The publication outlet will be announced as soon as possible.