Multi-Agent Programming Contest

23.01.2019: MAPC 2018 - Updated results

This year, after the last game, we had some discussions about the interpretation of the rules. The main question was whether strategies can be changed during the contest (taking past games into account) and what exactly should count as such a strategy-change (as opposed to just bug-fixes).

As we, the organizers, are responsible for a clear and consistent set of rules, the Steering committee decided about this matter. The final decision, supported by the involved teams and the organizing committee is the following:

  • There is no first place this year.
  • There are two second places, ex aequo, by the teams TUBDAI and SMART_JaCaMo.
  • The price is equally shared among the two second places.

We believe this discussion should be turned into a positive direction, by openly discussing the future of the contest and the interpretation of the rules. To this end, we have extended our set of questions to address this issue. (We will update you with the questionaire and information about the publication in the next days.) We invite all teams to share their viewpoint with us and hopefully make the Contest even more interesting.