Multi-Agent Programming Contest

Agent Contest 2013


We are very happy to announce that the team UFSC, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil won the contest again. The agents of

scored 36 points and did not loose one simulation! On second place is (as in the last two years) the group of Jørgen Villadsen, TU Denmark, with the team GOAL-DTU.

Here is the ranking:

Pos. Teamname Score Difference Matches Simulations Points
1 UFSC 2702948 : 1455163 1247785 4 12 36
2 GOAL-DTU 2284575 : 1614711 669864 4 12 27
3 LTI-USP 2117299 : 2083105 34194 4 12 15
4 TUB 1412702 : 2238820 -826118 4 12 6
5 AiWXX 1516760 : 2642485 -1125725 4 12 6

And the matches in detail:

Simulation GOAL-DTU AiWXX
Mars2013_AiWXXGOAL-DTU_contest-sim1 195354 71931
Mars2013_AiWXXGOAL-DTU_contest-sim2 191117 68913
Mars2013_AiWXXGOAL-DTU_contest-sim3 194647 73627
Simulation LTI-USP TUB
Mars2013_TUBLTI-USP_contest-sim1 191743 64471
Mars2013_TUBLTI-USP_contest-sim2 151686 116471
Mars2013_TUBLTI-USP_contest-sim3 156073 150546
Simulation UFSC AiWXX
Mars2013_AiWXXUFSC_contest-sim1 344515 47347
Mars2013_AiWXXUFSC_contest-sim2 269472 174183
Mars2013_AiWXXUFSC_contest-sim3 228745 88703
Mars2013_GOAL-DTULTI-USP_contest-sim1 205582 232974
Mars2013_GOAL-DTULTI-USP_contest-sim2 110012 182436
Mars2013_GOAL-DTULTI-USP_contest-sim3 108518 180368
Simulation TUB UFSC
Mars2013_UFSCTUB_contest-sim1 73023 199726
Mars2013_UFSCTUB_contest-sim2 92837 183607
Mars2013_UFSCTUB_contest-sim3 65856 233481
Simulation TUB AiWXX
Mars2013_AiWXXTUB_contest-sim1 225847 186805
Mars2013_AiWXXTUB_contest-sim2 90896 154663
Mars2013_AiWXXTUB_contest-sim3 159058 135720
Simulation UFSC LTI-USP
Mars2013_LTI-USPUFSC_contest-sim1 230507 156413
Mars2013_LTI-USPUFSC_contest-sim2 213397 156812
Mars2013_LTI-USPUFSC_contest-sim3 197067 137626
Simulation GOAL-DTU TUB
Mars2013_TUBGOAL-DTU_contest-sim1 264550 154137
Mars2013_TUBGOAL-DTU_contest-sim2 189743 156497
Mars2013_TUBGOAL-DTU_contest-sim3 191023 63063
Simulation LTI-USP AiWXX
Mars2013_AiWXXLTI-USP_contest-sim1 164073 302245
Mars2013_AiWXXLTI-USP_contest-sim2 193665 185458
Mars2013_AiWXXLTI-USP_contest-sim3 385096 27165
Simulation GOAL-DTU UFSC
Mars2013_UFSCGOAL-DTU_contest-sim1 147232 171615
Mars2013_UFSCGOAL-DTU_contest-sim2 187709 254590
Mars2013_UFSCGOAL-DTU_contest-sim3 127422 176226

Aims and Scope

This competition is an attempt to stimulate research in the area of multi-agent system development and programming by

  1. identifying key problems,
  2. collecting suitable benchmarks, and
  3. gathering test cases which require and enforce coordinated action

that can serve as milestones for testing multi-agent programming languages, platforms and tools. We also expect that participating at the contest helps to debug existing systems and to identify their weak and strong aspects.

The performance of a particular system will be determined in a series of games where the systems compete against each other. While winning the competition is not the main point, we hope it will shed light on the applicability of certain frameworks to particular domains.

EMAS 2013 Proceedings published

EMAS proceedings book cover

The Engineering Multi-Agent Systems 2013 (EMAS) proceedings will be published in the next days. The book contains also all papers about the Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2013:

EMAS Overview Page

Did you know the overview page of EMAS already?

Agents on Mars

In the year 2033 mankind finally populates Mars. While in the beginning the settlers received food and water from transport ships sent from earth shortly afterwards - because of the outer space pirates - sending these ships became too dangerous and expensive. Also, there were rumors going around that somebody actually found water on Mars below the surface. Soon the settlers started to develop autonomous intelligent agents, so-called All Terrain Planetary Vehicles (ATPV), to search for water wells. The World Emperor - enervated by the pirates - decided to strengthen the search for water wells by paying money for certain achievements. Sadly, this resulted in sabotage among the different groups of settlers.

Now, the task of your agents is to find the best water wells and occupy the best zones of Mars. Sometimes they have to sabotage their rivals to achieve their goal (while the opponents will most probably do the same) or to defend themselves. Of course the agents’ vehicle pool contains specific vehicles, some of them have special sensors, some of them are faster and some of them have sabotage devices on board. Last but not least, your team also contains special experts, the repair agents, that are capable of fixing agents that are disabled. In general, each agent has a special expert knowledge and is thus the only one being able to perform a certain action. So your agents have to find ways to cooperate and coordinate themselves.

The Challenge

In this year’s contest your agents have to prove themselves on planet Mars. The environment is represented by a graph. Vertices denote water wells of different value and possible locations for the agents. The weights of the edges denote the costs of traversing the edge. Your agents have to conquer zones. A zone is a subgraph that is colored in your team’s color. Once you place your agents at strategic positions they color the nodes they are standing on and neighboring nodes. If you occupy such a zone you get as many points as your zone is worth. The goal of the game is to maximize your score, while your opposing team is highly probable to do the same. The map is unknown in the beginning. Explore the area first before conquering zones. And make sure that you properly defend your zones against your enemies.

The Tournament

Your team will play against all others. Each match has several rounds. The team that wins most rounds wins the overall tournament. You can connect your agents via internet to our servers and watch the simulations online and in real-time.