The 2019 Contest

The Scenario: Agents Assemble(*)

In the new scenario, agents have to put blocks together to assemble more complex structures and deliver them in a grid world. For more information, see the Scenario documentation.

Agents Assemble


(Happening around September)


(Opening in August)

Important dates

What When
First software package available now!
Scenario is feature complete July 2019
Registration Deadline 18 August 2019
Qualification September
Contest Mid to Late September

The platform

The MASSim server is available on GitHub.

The server

Unpack the software package and start the contest server for development and testing. In a shell:

cd server
java -jar server-2018-1.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
  --monitor 8000  # with webmonitor on port 8000

Detailed documentation.

Your client

The package contains some dummy agents. You can use these as a starting point:

There have also always been teams that implemented the communication protocol themselves.


The winner of this year’s contest will be awarded a voucher for 500 EUR worth in books, thankfully provided by Springer Verlag. Requirements are the submission of a team description paper and the source code of the agents.

Mailing List

Participants and all interested colleagues are invited to subscribe to our mailing list:

All the important details and announcements including scenario and communication protocol specifications as well as software release announcements and bug reports will be shared on this list.

The mailing list archive is publically available.


After the tournament we invite every participant to submit a paper about their team. Once the quality of the papers has been assured they will be regularly published. The publication outlet will be announced as soon as possible.