20.02.2019: MAPC 2018 - Publication details

The 2018 contest proceedings will be published with Springer in the color-cover subline of LNCS/LNAI.

Please use the current llncs template.

There will be an introductory paper about the contest and scenario, so you do not have to describe the mapc in detail. Your article should be about 20 pages long. If you need more, that is not a problem: We have plenty of space.

The structure of your paper is up to you, however, we ask you to include a fixed Q&A section. See below for the questions and template. Further, we would like to read and compare your answers for our analysis. So, please submit your answers until Friday, 1st March to either one of us or the mailing list. (You may still fine-tune your response for your final version afterwards.) You can submit your final paper here until the 22nd March.


Submission system