Multi-Agent Programming Contest

04.08.2020: Some news

We are happy to announce the kind of final release 2020 (v2.0) It mostly contains a lot of monitor improvements and some new test configuration files.


Please do not forget to register until Monday, 10 August.


The qualification phase starts on 24 August and will run for 2 weeks. During this period, you can schedule qualification matches where your agent team plays alone in a setting similar to the SampleQualification config. To qualify, your agents have to

  • complete one task in each of the two rounds and
  • submit most actions in time (i.e. less than 30% “noAction”).


We will negotiate the final contest dates after the registration (once we know how many teams will compete and have gathered your feedback on the schedule from the reg. forms).

Connection Tests

After the registration deadline, you can contact us to schedule a connection test, where you can try out your connection to our severs (and possibly identify some issues before the qualification).

Anonymous Test Matches

You can tell us if you’d like to play test matches against other teams (before the contest!). If we find a match, both teams’ identities will be kept secret from each other. The full monitor will of course also be disabled.